Adam & the Amethysts
Adam & the Amethysts

Flickering Flashlight

Flickering Flashlight Track List

1. Tall Tall Building
2. Prophecy
3. The Country
4. I'm a Medium
5. Flickering Flashlight
6. Primrose and Pinecones
7. Gitche Gumee Yeah Yeah
8. Adam Called Me Over Christmas
9. Standing on a Strand
10. Canadian Tired
11. Dreaming
12. Untitled

Release Date: October 4, 2011 Adam Waito & company have woven a wondrously, warm quilt of an album, celebrating the great, wide open landscapes beyond the city, while embracing the confines of their day-to-day urban universe. ADAM & THE AMETHYSTS - Prophecy by kelprecords (free download) 180g made-in-Canada LP: $20 CDN CD: $14 CDN