Kelp Introduces the “Blue Laurier” album! /

December 15, 2009

Kelp Introduces the

Kelp is pleased to introduce the “Blue Laurier” series, whereby you the customer get a fabulous deal on a digital release, paying under $5 (pre-tax) for a full-length release. When a record gets Blue Laurier’d, it will come down in price temporarily, often to celebrate a rare reissue or draw attention to a back catalogue item, possibly with new unreleased materials included.

This month, we bring you the classic Detective Kalita (aka The Michael Parks) album Merry Hissmas or Whatever. Until now, it has only been available to close friends, as it was originally given away as a Christmas gift in 2004. We pull it out every holiday season, and thought it only right to share it with you this time. Enjoy!

Check out Merry Hissmas here.

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