Kelp launches “Kelpcast” podcast series! /

December 06, 2009

Been meaning to get this going for awhile, but here finally is the first episode of KELPCAST, a new podcast series we are launching with the Kelp crew. The episodes will vary in content and contributors, but we plan on trying to hold your attention for about 30 minutes each time with Kelp-relevant music and tales, new demos, songs, interviews and other time-wasting audio good times from our gang.

In our first episode, Jon Bartlett talks about 6 of his favorite bands that he first heard about through Andy Swan. And if you do make it to the end, there’s a contest for a nice Christmas package from Kelp….send your answers to by December 11th!

Here’s the link:

Kelpcast 1 – 6 Reasons to Thank Andy Swan by kelprecords