ANDY SWAN’s “Ottawa” the next Kelp vinyl reissue! /

May 06, 2014

We’re jus’plain chuffed to announce that yet another classic Kelp release is coming to vinyl for the very first time! Andy Swan’s Ottawa was his first album made in our fair city, holing up at Little Bullhorn with Jarrett Bartlett, John Higney (The Flaps), Rolf Klausener (The Acorn) and Jon Bartlett. Laid to 2″ tape, the result was a warm, mid-seventies Willie Nelson Red Headed Stranger vibe, where Swan further flexes the folk side of songwriting skills hinted at on his previous solo effort A.M. at the H.O.M.

Limited to 100 copies. Ottawa preorders will be invited to a private listening party on Friday May 30th to pick up their records! Preorder here while you can!055_swanny_cover_final

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