Camp Radio
Camp Radio

Camp Radio

Camp Radio Track List

1. On the Landing Strip
2. Bleed the Real Estate Girls
3. Cons at the New Moon
4. The Julie Rationale
5. Dreamed We Were Astronauts

6. In the Terminal
7. Ticking Toward September
8. Beat Me to the Medics
9. There's a Pedal Under the Tree
10. My Eyes are Dim

Release Date: May 23, 2006
Chris Page is back with a new band, featuring Dave Draves of Little Bullhorn Prods (Ottawa's 2-inch tape escape) and the ubiquitous Scott Terry. Brilliant power pop recalling Husker Du or The Nils in their respective primes. Our first ever vinyl LP release comes packaged in wonderful gatefold vinyl with CD included!

12" LP + CD - $20.00 CDN