Chris Page
Chris Page

A Date with a Smoke Machine

A Date with a Smoke Machine Track List

1. Patio to Stereo
2. Slideshows
3. Two Twenty-Twos
4. Summertime Out
5. Quit While I'm Behind
6. Coax the Ending Day
7. Hello Danger Bay
8. Closets Overflowing
9. Fall Back Morning
10. Keep Me On Your Radar
11. Awfulizing
12. Unwind, Unwind

Out February 16, 2010- CD/LP
Page returns to Little Bullhorn, with his first album in seven years, a restrained effort that serves as a nice foil to the raucous rock of Camp Radio. Also available on LP via our friends at Saved by Vinyl.

"The album is almost an homage to the '90s generation of alt-rock troubadours, as shades of Evan Dando, the Grapes Of Wrath and perhaps tangentially, Bill Fox's recently rediscovered masterpiece, Transit Byzantium, are apparent throughout. Even early Billy Bragg is touched upon in "Coax The Ending Day," as well as vintage R.E.M. in "Keep Me On Your Radar." It's this sense that Page is deftly walking the fine line between folk and rock that gives A Date With A Smoke Machine its resonance. True power pop fans will not be disappointed." - Exclaim!
Two Twenty-Twos by Chris Page

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