Chris Page
Chris Page

New Chris Page album and track list announced! /

August 22, 2009

Chris Page’s next solo album A Date with a Smoke Machine will be released later this year on Kelp (CD) and Saved by Vinyl (LP)! A date hasn’t yet been confirmed, but we should have this in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, there’s no reason we can’t give you an insider audio preview. Here’s Two Twenty-Twos, a standout from the record.

Pager fans may recognize some of Smoke Machine‘s song titles, as Chris has revisited some of his back catalogue on this album, and even dipped into the Stand GT vault. It’s his most laid-back affair yet, and it’s not hard to imagine that Page penned or came up with most of the ideas for this recording sitting at his cottage by the campfire, looking out on the river at dusk. We think you will be impressed.

Here’s what is coming down the pipe:

1. Patio to Stereo
2. Slideshows
3. Two Twenty-Twos
4. Summertime Out
5. Quit While I’m Behind
6. Coax the Ending Day
7. Hello Danger Bay
8. Closets Overflowing
9. Fall Back Morning
10. Keep Me On Your Radar
11. Awfulizing
12. Unwind, Unwind