Flecton Big Sky
Flecton Big Sky

Flecton/Virgil continue video streak with two more! /

August 25, 2009

Are you keeping up? Virgil Wennessee continues to dole out dollops of Flecton Big Sky videos in what is starting to look like a full-album video tribute to The Bright Side of Dying. This time he throws us a curve though, reaching back to Flecton’s Never Took a Wife for a video treatment of “Surrountains,” a Scorseseish longshot featuring Flecton’s oddball collection of “food art” and action figures. Is Virgil doing every song in the FBS catalogue?? Only time will tell…

If you aren’t convinced of how awesome Bright Side is yet, clearly you are viewing these videos with the sound on mute. Buy it now.

“Cowboys and Indians” from The Bright Side of Dying

“Surrountains” from Never Took a Wife