Flecton Big Sky
Flecton Big Sky

Never Took a Wife

Never Took a Wife Track List

1. Where Did Your Organ Went?
2. Taking (Talking) Flecton Down (From The Shelf)
3. Summer Down Flames
4. Gracing Wolf River
5. Hesitate, Ontario
6. betty brought vodka
7. Truce Is Stranger Than Friction
8. Gallimore Storm Warning
9. After All Your Planet Did
10. The Finals - Last Call
11. Death by Vibration
12. Surrountains
13. Tigertooth Says Hurr

Released February 14, 2005

The debut from Werbo member Miche Jetté sees him team with friends from Califone and the Grifters to produce a plethora of sensory good times. Jetté's spontaneous songwriting style is adventurous, and his collaborators do a great job of not stepping on the songs' toes. C'est un super-fun ride, ostie!

CD - $12.00 CDN