At Least Theres Commotion

At Least Theres Commotion Track List

1. Venus at Your Backdoor
2. Runaway Heart
3. Not There Tonight
4. The Halifax Commotion
5. My Number
6. She Knows My Condition(Part 1) 7. She Knows My Condition(Part 2) 8. Uncontrollable Me / Uncontrollable You
9. Modern Way Woman
10. Danger World
11. Emergency

Bonus Track (for LP/digital purchasers): Shouldice Road

Fusing the recognizable influences of HILOTRONS past (Talking Heads, Devo, Talk Talk) with that of electro pop pioneers such as Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush and TV-theme composer Mike Post, Dubue has emerged with a deep, hook-laden work, his best to date.