CBC MUSIC premieres “Emergency” /

November 07, 2012

NOVEMBER 7, 2012 (Ottawa, ON) – This morning CBC MUSIC debuted the new video for “Emergency,” a cover of a song from longtime Ottawa musical icon Yellow Jacket Avenger.

The bold video is a debut from Ottawa’s Lesley Marshall, who pulled together a remarkable group of actors, sponsors and friends from the film and music communities in order to bring it to fruition. In her words, the video “blends two and a half concepts I pitched to Mike…one of a bleached-out birthday party in an entirely white Centretown apartment of a woman who is turning 170, and the other about Ottawa Valley community centres as a place of gathering, and the 1/2 was that I wanted to incorporate something about mental health awareness.”

Dubue weighs in: “One of the greatest records ever made is Double Nature, by The Yellow Jacket Avenger (singer/songwriter Geoffrey Pye); I’ve always wanted to pay tribute to this record. “Emergency” is a song from it that I frequently covered and it proved to be a great candidate to track after messing around with the arrangement of the song using an Oberheim Matrix 1000 and a Mellotron. I added the deconstructed drum beat and Paul Hogan’s choppy fuzzed out guitar. Then I tried to sing it, only to discover my voice didn’t quite fit the arrangement, so I enlisted Ottawa singer/songwriter Sacha Gabriel. The end result is a definite nod to Kate Bush, and Geoffrey Pye really loves the cover, so I win in my little world!”

“Emergency” is now available as a free download over at Soundcloud. And both Mike and Kelp vouch for the quality of Yellow Jacket Avenger’s splendid Double Nature, which you can snag from our friends at Zunior.