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November 23, 2009

It was ten years ago this coming January, that Rhume’s homebaked “Snack of Choice” came out, celebrating with a wild show at the Hi-Fi on Rideau with our pals Wayne Omaha and the Co-operators. While there was lots of Rhume activity in the early-oughts (two albums, a 7″ and a North American tour), Rhume has chiefly been an eating/drinking club in John Higney’s basement for the latter half of this decade, surfacing for the annual Kelp anniversary weekend show.

This will change in 2010, with a new album tentatively titled “British Teeth” slated for fall release. Till then, y’all younglings should get to know the catalogue, most of which was released when you were diapered, droolin’ toddlers.

Both Rhume albums, a 2001 7″ and the rest of the odds/ends recorded since are collected here for free download for the next week or so…..enjoy and tell your friends!