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Released June 8, 2005
Swanny's all-night songbake is a raw look at the gifted Toronto songwriter in his prime. Fans of Nick Drake, Townes van Zandt, John Prine and early Dylan rejoice–acoustic honesty and spontaneity rule here!

Track List

1. Women on Bicycles
2. The Michael Parks
3. And the Hook is
4. Just an Old Fashioned, Good Time Early Morning...
5. The Andy Swan's Dream
6. Go Pop
7. Toolin' Around on an L.A. Freeway
8. It's Time to Get Freaky Again
9. It's Hard to Be a Lonesome Cowboy
10. As Far As Sky Can See
11. Have You Ever?
12. Yes You Ought to Go Away with Him
13. A Jaunty Tune
14. Nightwalkin' (Take 1)
15. Nightwalkin'
16. There is Good in Everyone
17. These are Dark Times
18. Knife Fight Night Life
19. Dkor
20. Angelina (Take 1)
21. Angelina
22. Let Me Be Your Lighthouse
23. Jesus

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Andy Swan – A Night at the H.O.M. (House of Miracles)
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