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Released March 19, 2013 Again is searing guitars (“Mephisto,” “Strange Guests”) and bombastic builds (“Waltz,” “What Is the Word”). The Flaps have again established themselves as visual music makers, creating truly synesthetic headphone soundtracks for music lovers that like to go deep. You may find yourself continuously turning to see what’s behind you, but that’s part of the fun, right?

Track List
1. Oriental Twist
2. Smells Like Awesome
3. Mo Maui
4. This Sight of Death
5. Mephisto
6. Dunebuggy
7. Day of Languor
8. Night is Going to Fall
9. Strange Guests
10. Waltz
11. The Importance of Understanding Clouds
12. The Wiper
13. What is the Word?

album_title: KP076
sfw_pwd: QfQBTT3mcY9Q
The Flaps – Again
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