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Released November 18, 2003- CD
The long awaited pop masterpiece recorded with Andy Magoffin at the House of Miracles is here. Sometimes sweet, other times smart-alecky, the DK's Cake is tasty as all heck and a fun 17-track ride.

Track Listing

1. Bird With A Ball Foot
2. Jewish New Year
3. Why You Wanna Break My Heart
4. I Used To Be Bob Dylan
5. Ordinary Love
6. Hard Love
7. Sleep To Dream
8. The Way Of The Trains
9. The Only Game In Town
10. This Frozen Life
11. When You Age
12. True Blue
13. The Sun Just Gets Up (So It Can Beat On You)
14. The Queen Of Dirty Glasses
15. Lucky Guy
16. R N B
17. Nobody Rocks Like Shayne Cox Rocks

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Detective Kalita (The Michael Parks) – The Night We Ate the Cake
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