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We’re so happy to finally see The Acorn’s classic Kelp releases make it to vinyl format! Their homespun Kelp debut THE PINK GHOSTS and followup BLANKETS EP are Ottawa classics, which saw the band break out of the 613 and become a household indie name across Canada and into the US, UK, Europe, Japan and beyond. This limited-edition reissue will come in a gatefold-sleeve on two slabs of marbled pink & white vinyl.

Track List
The Pink Ghosts:

1. Better Late than Never
2. The Pink Ghosts
3. Darcy
4. Erster Tag
5. Do You Not Yearn, At All?!
6. Return to Blackness (for GB)
7. Outaouais Trilogy: Springtime in Centretown
8. Outaouais Trilogy: YerDoin'It. YerFuckin'Doin'It.
9. Outaouais Trilogy: Outaouais Renaissance
10. Evidence
11. Guilt Trip Fashion
12. For the Sake of My Pride
13. Bell
14. How the West Quebec Was Won
15. Blue Light


16. Plates & Saucers
17. Sent (Awake the Kraken)
18. Blankets
19. Boots

album_title: KP077
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The Acorn – Pink Ghosts/Blanket LP
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