The Flaps
The Flaps

The Flaps

The Flaps Track List

1. Astrolabia
2. The Fuzzard
3. Haph Kok Wah
4. Fear
5. Boogie Stop Shuffle
6. Lonely Woman
7. Water
8. Ouzo
9. Sexy Girls
10. House of Mirrors
11. Mysterious Game
12. Big Wayne / Scrambler
13. Slumber Party

Released October 15, 2005 Kelp Records’ instrumental powerhouse, The Flaps, showcase some of the most talented veterans of the music scene. The Flaps originally intended to play instrumental music reminiscent of European b-movie soundtracks -- you know -- the sort that feature vampire lesbians; but, after several years rehearsing in dank subterranean environs in the nation's capital, their sound has evolved into an eclectic mix of surf-rock, Japanese film soundtracks, raunchy garage-fueled R&B and apocalyptic jazz-nerdery. CD - $14.00 CDN