The Michael Parks
The Michael Parks

Merry Hissmas or Whatever

Merry Hissmas or Whatever Track List

1. Let's Bury Christmas and Watch It Grow
2. Missin' Time
3. It's Just the Rain Dear
4. The Kids Alright
5. Peace of Mind
6. Winter is Hard
7. Where Do All the Leaves Go
8. It's Christmas
9. There Ain't No Chimneys in Prison
10. The Colours of Christmas (Red, White and Blue)
11. I Wanna Marry Christmas (Mercifully Edited Version)
12. Let's Bury Christmas (And Watch It Grow) [acoustic version]
13. Oh I Miss Him

Release Date- December 15, 2009 (reissue) The DK serve up a Beach Boys-like take on Christmas, fuzzed out in four-track glory from the old apartment on Beverley Street in Toronto. With his pal and roommate Shayne Cox, Andy Swan conceives 13 songs reflecting on the highs and lows of the holiday season. We're on a beach in the Florida Keys with our family, longing for our lady back home. We're in prison waiting out the "longest night of the year." We're so in love with Christmas we want to marry it; we're so frustrated with Christmas we want to bury it and see what grows. Originally released in 2004, this version has been boosted and buffed ever so slightly by Jarrett Bartlett. It's Just the Rain Dear by kelprecords